5 Best Knee Exercises to Prevent Knee Pain

Best Knee Exercises to Prevent Knee Pain

Before you begin any physical activity, a good warm-up exercise and stretching exercise is a must.

If you suffer from knee pain that can be caused by several factors of muscular imbalances, restrictions or under use, then consider these stretches and exercises which you need to add to your warm up routine that will benefit your knees. Here are 5 best knee exercises.

Ankle Band Distractions

ankle band

Purpose: maintains flexibility in knees, enhance mobility, floss the joints and get more nutrients into the cartilage to reduce pain

How to Do It:   attach the band to a strong base and the other end to your ankle. In staggered stance place your banded leg in front driving the knee forward but do it only as far as what makes you comfortable. Drive your ankle side to side and the knee back and forth. Repeat both ankles 45 seconds.

Roll Out Your Shins

front shin roll

Purpose: Foam rolling shins is a good tool for soft tissue work.  Seasoned experts use it for hips, lower back and other injury prone zones.

How to Do It:  In pushup position place a roller at your ankle base. Your toe should be turned in towards the midline of the body. In this way the shin muscles are exposed and easily focused upon. To make it more intense lay your own body weight on the foam.

Wall Quad Stretch

wall quad stretch

Purpose: A great way to strengthen knees.  Stretches and exercises the front of the foot, shins, ankles, quads and knees.

How to Do It: facing away from the wall, stand against it in bottom of lunge position, your back foot should be flipped up against the wall and your toes against the wall surface. Your back knee is the axis and your stretch is greater if the back knee is closer to the wall.

Hamstring Flossing

hamstring flossing

Purpose: Benefits the hamstring muscles that cross the knee joint. Problems in these muscles cause knee pain in the rear area of the knee and leg

How to Do It:  Sit on a sturdy box with a lacrosse ball firmly placed beneath the leg on the hamstrings. While applying pressure on the muscle bend and extend the knee. The ball should go up and down the back of your leg while flexing and straightening. Perform one minute on each leg.

TFL Distraction (Tensor Fasciae Latae)

Hip Distraction

Purpose: The TFL is a small little muscle at the side of the hip. Stiffening and rigidity of this muscle can cause a lot of pain to the knee.

How to Do It: using the exercise band loop it to a strong object and the other end beneath your butt. In kneeling position and the banded leg at the back in the manner of a lunge turn the banded leg out and internally rotating your hip. When rotating the leg out you can address the TFL. The glute of the banded leg should be squeezed side to side for a really good stretch.

Knee pain is a dangerous issue and can render you immobile if it gets real bad. You should see an ortho or therapist when having knee problems, performing these 5 knee exercises for stronger knees will help prevent all knee problems while working out.

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