What are Nutrients?

Nutrients are substances that provide Nourishment and Energy, which are required for the growth and maintenance of our Body.

What are the types of Nutrients?

There are basically two types of Nutrient which are known as Macro Nutrients and Micro Nutrients. Macro Nutrients are Proteins, Carbohydrates and Fats and Micro Nutrients are Vitamins, Minerals and Water.

What is Food Energy in terms of Nutrition?

Food energy is the amount of energy obtained from food that is available through respiration. Food energy is expressed in food calories.

What are Calories?

By definition a calorie is the energy it takes to raise the temperature of 1 gram of water through 1 degree Celsius. The body requires energy all the time it burns calories even while sleeping as our body has many functions to carry out even in sleep. A simple function like breathing also requires energy and hence the body uses calories.

What are Proteins?

Protein is the building block of all life and is essential for the growth of cells and tissue repair. Every cell and tissue in the body contains protein. Proteins are made of amino acids. There are 20 amino acids. The body gets amino acids from protein-containing foods. Digestive enzymes break proteins into their component parts. The body absorbs the amino acids and then rebuilds them into new sequences that are needed for body growth and maintenance and for the control of body processes. Per gram of protein contains 4 calories.

What are Amino Acids?

Amino acids are the building blocks of the proteins that are found in our bodies. A total of 20 different kinds of amino acids form proteins. Amino acids are divided into Essential and Non-Essential Amino acids Out of these 20 there eight Essential amino acids which the body can’t produce by its own and hence has to be eaten. The other remaining 12 Amino acids can be made inside the body and hence the name Non essential Amino acids.

What are Carbohydrates?

Carbohydrates are the most common source of food energy. Foods composed mainly of starches, sugar, or fibers are called carbohydrates. Simple carbohydrates are sugars and complex carbohydrates are starches, which are simply longer strings of sugar. If the body does not use the energy from the carbohydrates we consume, it is stored as fat. Per gram of carbohydrates contains 4 calories.

What is dietary fat?

Dietary fat is the fat found in food. It is important for your health and is needed for normal growth and development of your body. Dietary fat has many different functions in your body, Fats Provide long lasting energy, it helps in making hormones, forms part of brain and nervous system, it forms cell membranes for every cell in your body, and it also carries vitamins throughout the body. The four main types of fats found in food are monounsaturated fat, polyunsaturated fat, saturated fat, and trans fat. Per gram of Fat contains 9 calories.

What are vitamins and minerals?

Vitamins and minerals are essential nutrients that your body needs in small amounts to work properly. Vitamins and minerals boost the immune system; support normal growth and development, and help cells and organs do their jobs.

What is a nutritional supplement?

Nutritional supplement also known as a dietary supplement or a food supplement, is a preparation intended to supplement the diet and provide nutrients such as Protein, Carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, fibers, fatty acids, amino acids etc.

What is Muscle Mileage Nutraceuticals?

Muscle Mileage Nutraceuticals is an ISO 9001 : 2008 Certified Company that manufactures High Quality Dietary Food Supplement.

Do the Products manufactured by Muscle Mileage have drugs or steroids in them?

Absolutely not !! All the Products that are manufactured by Muscle Mileage Nutraceuticals are free from any Steroids or Drugs; Our Products are made from Natural Food sources like Milk and Milk Products, Food Grains etc and are hence called Natural Food Supplements

What does the Non- Veg mark denote in your Products like Muscle Beast and Weight Gainer?

It denotes that one or more of an Ingredient in a particular product is from an animal origin source. And Muscle Mileage uses only and only Egg Albumen (ie: the Egg white) and nothing else in fact not even the yolk or yellow part of the egg.

What is the USP of Muscle Mileage Products?

Well Muscle Mileage Products are different in many ways right from the packaging to the Finished Product. We use the highest quality of food grade PET jars and that too from our own company moulds; these PET jars are superior in quality than other cheaper HDPE and LDPE graded jars that are used by many companies. We are one of the Pioneering companies in India to use a blended matrix of Advanced Enzymes in all of our Products; we use the highest quality Ingredients which are imported from various countries and also from the best of our own country. All of our Products are Lab tested and are Genuine to the terms of that printed on the label. All these Products are carefully Formulated and manufactured in our Factory. All our Machineries and equipments are made up of the finest food grade 316 Stainless Steels.

Why are some of the Muscle Mileage Products priced higher than their competitors?

Quality comes with a Price !! It’s all a matter of awareness and we are proud of our privileged consumer who knows that Muscle Mileage does not compromise in any of its various departments’ right from packaging to its Finished Products. Muscle mileage strives to give the Best Quality money can buy. It’s the aim and vision of Our Company to become Number 1 in the Nutraceutical Industry. And one can compare our Products to any other products of the same category and will find Muscle Mileage Products to be way ahead and of the very Best Quality.

What is the best time to take Muscle Mileage Products?

It all depends on your Goals, you can take Muscle mileage Products any time you want but taking it first thing in the morning and in between two meals and also after finishing your workout would help in gaining the maximum results.

Which Stack would you recommend for Body builders and also for those who want to gain Muscles?

Muscles are made up of Proteins and Proteins repair Muscles too. Whey Protein and Muscle Beast are High Protein supplement of which Muscle Beast gives a whopping 80% Protein. You can use any one of these proteins along with Mytocreacell for Maximum results.

Which Product is recommended for gaining weight?

Weight Gainer or Megagain any of these two can be used as per your Non-veg and Veg preferences. And if you are exercising then adding Mytocreacell to your Supplement arsenal would enhance your gains.

Can I use any of these Products as I don’t go to the Gym?

You can very well use either of Mass-ON or Nutrimax Fortified products for complete nutritional needs.

Can women use any of your Products?

Women can use all of our products, except for Mytocreacell which is a purely Muscle gain Matrix.

Do I need to take any extra Multivitamin & Mineral tablet?

There is no need for taking any Multivitamin & mineral Tablet when you are using any of our products which are already fortified with 26 Vital Vitamins & Minerals.

Have been using Muscle Beast would appreciate if the Taste can Improve more ?

We Understand your Predicament, but we have done the best we could for Muscle Beast, you will have to Understand the fact that Muscle Beast is a SUGAR FREE High Protein Diet consisting 80% protein, plus we have added 26 vital vitamins and Minerals plus Digestive Enzymes plus Spirulina, Ginseng, Nitric Oxide Boosters, plus extra BCAA, so it gives us very less scope for adding more flavors for taste improvement, To improve the taste we will have to compromise on the protein content and reduce it, But we opted for the High Protein content, you can very well go for our other Products like Weight Gainers, mytocreacell, Megagain, etc which have very good taste, or even better if you are looking for taste go for some Good Chocolates and Pastries, but if You are targeting for Muscle Growth and Well Being your option will be Muscle Beast. Muscle Beast is purely designed for gaining Muscles, PERIOD !!